About Us

Who and what is Moskito.Marketing?

Moskito.Marketing is an Internet Portal, which establishes contacts between website owners and internet serive providers. Our Mission is to analyze strength and weaknesses of websites and to recommend the optimal mix of internet service providers. Among others we select partners according to the following list of criteria:

  • quality of services
  • capacites of the provider
  • nearness to the customer
  • response time to services requests

How does Moskito.Marketing work?

Our database contains millions of website profiles, which provide products and services to businesses or consumers. On the our side we maintain a list of thousands of internet services providers. According to the need of website owners, we select providers with respect to needs and the forementioned criteria. Finally we provide website owners a list of selected internet service partners for improving the website offerings.

Our Network of Internet Service Providers

We work together with leading internet service providers in the whole world. In most of the countries we have access to regional providers. So it depends on your needs and selection criteria which internet service providers we will recommend. The main categories of internet service providers are:

  • Hosting and E-Mail-Providers
  • Domain Registrars
  • Agencies for Web Design
  • Agencies for Search Engine Opimization (SEO)
  • Agencies for Search Engine Marketing/Advertising (SEM/SEA)
  • PR Agencies
  • Social Media Agencies
  • Providers for Internet Security
  • Providers for IT Law Support